Currently, there is a lot of information about menstruation, and most people are not afraid to talk about it. As a result, there are many treatment methods for PMS symptoms, and menstrual products continue to evolve and improve. For example, experts now know some of the nutritional deficiencies related to symptoms, and women know that the best blemish oil can help prevent the appearance of a period-related pimple.

However, it has not always been this way. For years, many did not understand what was happening, and it was not talked about much among women and especially not around men. Thankfully, times have evolved, and women can benefit from all the information about the topic.

Women and Menstruation

There are a lot of unknowns when looking way back in time regarding periods and menstruation. Men were the only ones, at the time, who documented history, so information about women and bleeding was largely omitted.

In ancient times, historians do know that there was a lot of association between women who were on their period and magic, mystery and sorcery. Depending on the culture, menstrual blood was seen as a way to cast spells, a medicinal ingredient or a reason for seclusion.

During medieval times, it is speculated that there was a lot of religious shame involved with menstruation. As a result, women did what they could to hide their periods from others.

It is not known what women used in terms of pads or tampons. Many assume they used rags and washable cloths, or even wooden sticks wrapped in lint for a tampon-like product. Women did not have access to the best organic feminine health products as they do today. The first disposable pad was not developed commercially until 1888, and the tampon was not invented until 1929.

It is also mostly unknown how women dealt with the unwanted, and uncomfortable, symptoms associated with PMS. Perhaps herbal remedies, such as a powdered toad, were used to help with cramps or heavy flow. However, many religions did not permit pain relief, as God supposedly wanted cramps to be a reminder of original sin.

Benefits of Modern Times

Times have changed a lot, and women everywhere benefit as a result. Not only is there no shame or religious persecution surrounding the menstrual cycle, but there are numerous products available to help ease symptoms and improve the sanitary aspect of dealing with the blood. There are numerous over-the-counter medications for cramp relief, bloat reduction and mood stabilization, and women do not have to hide the fact they are purchasing them.

You may also natural remedies if you do not like taking medication. There is organic essential PMS oil to help combat painful cramps, and there are numerous acne remedies to help take down pimples before they appear.

Women also have the benefit of having a variety of feminine products from which to choose. There are even 100% organic cotton options for those who want a better product for their bodies and the environment.

Take Advantage of Current Options

Unlike hundreds or thousands of years ago, modern women have many beneficial products and advice available to them when they have their period. The openness is much different from the days where stigma and shame were common.

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