Going to the gym can be super beneficial to one’s health, not only because of the weight loss but due to building one’s self-esteem and meeting new people who’ll help you on your exercise journey. But one of the less attractive aspects of going to the gym is the fact that you often look exhausted, sweaty and messy after you’re done.

Now, that’s a positive thing, as it means you’ve invested an effort to make your workout productive and effective. Yet, it’s tricky if you need somewhere to be after your gym sessions, as going from sweaty to glam after the exercise can be a bit tricky. But for that reason, here’s a list of tips that will help you look great no matter how sweaty you are:

1. Get a Shower

Of course, the first step towards looking more glam and well-put is to have a shower. Most gyms nowadays offer shower facilities where you can remove the sweat and dirt, which is exceptionally important if you have to go somewhere after exercising.

Even if you plan to go home, it’s important to shower, as some people need to travel a bit longer distances or use public transport, so smelling good and looking clean can be a great way to keep yourself clean. In case you don’t have time to shower, at least make sure to take care of your sweat by wiping it off with a wet towel or baby wipes.

2. Fix your Hair and Makeup

Your face is the first area of your body that shows signs of redness and sweat due to excessive body movements, so the first thing you should do (besides showering) is to make sure your face is clean and shows no signs of tiredness. Therefore, wiping your face and readjusting (or applying) your makeup is the first step towards looking more glam and beautiful. Also, if your hair is too messy and frizzy, it’s best to put in a sleek bun, as washing and blow-drying can take too much of your time. Now, if you have time to take care of your hair, feel free to do so since it’ll surely make you look great.

3. Make sure you do Sweat

Sweating more can help you get rid of toxins that have been accumulating in your body during the day. The best way to sweat more is to increase the intensity of your workout, but for a lot of people that can be too much, especially if they’re new to exercising.

In that case, using healthy weight loss products can surely increase your sweat and help you make look good each time you finish your workout session. Things like waist trainers and body shapers will improve the effectiveness of your workout and improve your posture.

4. Drink enough Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential, since exercising causes you to lose a lot of fluids. First, drinking enough water is essential as it’ll keep you hydrated when you start working out, but also make sure to drink in moderation so you won’t have to interrupt your exercise to use the restroom. Second, there’s no point in drinking water during each session, as it’ll keep you distracted from your progress.

It’s much better to drink a few sips after you’re done with each exercise. For example, if it takes you 15 minutes to complete your treadmill-walking session, make sure to rehydrate yourself after you’re done with the treadmill. That way, all of your exercises will be effective, and you won’t need to drink water while you’re working out.

5. Change your Clothes

It is especially important if you have somewhere to be after the gym. In that case, showering and fixing your makeup and hair is a must, but don’t forget to bring some additional clean clothes that you could jump into after showering.

Additionally, bringing a fresh pair of underwear will help you feel more presentable, no matter how tired you might feel. Finally, if you need to go to a dinner party or a similar event that requires you to be well-dressed, make sure to bring clothes that don’t wrinkle so you’ll be able to change your attire without worrying.

Final Thoughts

Going from sweaty to glam isn’t hard, but it requires a bit of organization. Therefore, make sure to plan your workouts and bring all the necessary equipment and accessories that will keep you looking fresh and glammed up so you’ll be able to go anywhere you please without feeling having to feel anxious about the way you look.

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