Dry Herb Vaporizer

Smoking Cannabis gives a feeling of immense pleasure to individuals. But the traditional way of smoking has several disadvantages. Direct combustion of cannabis leads to the release of carcinogens, tar and many other elements. These are extremely harmful to health. People will get a feeling of irritation in lungs along with several other health problems.

To counteract the problems mentioned above and to have the same feeling of pleasure, vaporizers are used. There are various types of vaporizers available in the market and are as follows:

  • Portable vaporizers
  • Desktop vaporizers
  • Pen vaporizers

The above mentioned are dry herb vaporizers and are slightly different from one another concerning features.

How does a Dry Herb Vaporizer work?

The concept is to heat dry herbs like cannabis without coming to contact. Smoking cannabis process does burn the herbs releasing harmful gases. In a vaporizer, dry herbs are heated at 392 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is a default value and can be modified.

At this specific temperature, cannabinoids in the herbs start to release in the form of vapors. Those vapors can be consumed from the pump placed on the top of dry herb vaporizer. A start and stop button will be present to control the flow of work. The location of these buttons is based on the designs of the dry herb vaporizers but is easy to use.

Portable and Pen vaporizers use batteries as their power source for heating the herbs. Whereas, Desktop vaporizers are of big sizes and use power outlets present in homes.

Using Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are easy to use. However, there are few things to prepare before actually using the vaporizer. The process is as follows.

Preparing Herb

The name “Dry herb vaporizer” indicates to use only dry herbs. Wet herbs might not burn and release vapor. Make sure you collect the fresh herb of good quality. Grind it down to smaller pieces. This step is crucial as the chambers are smaller in size. You can use plastic or electric grinder to make smaller portions of herb.

Fill the Chamber

All vaporizers consist of a chamber where we will put the pieces of dry herbs. Generally, the positioning of the chamber is at the top of the vaporizer. Open it and fill the chamber with the smaller pieces of herb you made earlier. Be sure not to fill the chamber entirely as it will not result in vapors.

The pieces you place in a vaporizer is termed as the first chamber. A second chamber exists to the bottom of it, and in this chamber, heating is complete. Holes of uniform sizes will be present in the first chamber. Dry herb pieces will go through those holes and enter the heating chamber. Try to grind herbs into smaller pieces for better release of vapors.

Using the Vaporizer

Before going further, make sure that vaporizer is clean, charged fully and you buy it from a trusted store. If not, try to clean it using a brush. You have taken dry herbs, ground it into smaller pieces, and placed in the chamber. Now it is the final step to burn it. It uses convection heating to burn the dry herbs without having any direct contact. Locate the button for initiating the process. Within less time, vapors start coming out of the inhaler. Heating chamber takes care of the entire process.

As discussed above, the optimal temperature for the process is between 360 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Based on the types of vaporizers, Desktop vaporizer will give options to users to set temperature. Some vaporizers like portable vaporizers will have default temperatures. Extra features entirely depend upon the model.

If you have no idea on temperatures, start with as low as 360 degrees range. Gradually increase the temperature and observe the results. However, do not go above 430 degrees as it may lead to burning of dry herbs directly giving you smoke instead of vapors.


After the session, do not forget to clean the container of dry herb vaporizer. Container/chamber can be cleaned with the help of a brush. Generally, you will get the cleaning brush along with vaporizer at the time of buying. If not, consider buying one from online or from shops. Clean the chamber after every session without fail.


Smoking pots will make you high but with terrible consequences. Lungs will get affected as well as the whole body. Toxins are not produced using vaporizers. So, people can get that high feel with consumption of vapors from a dry herb vaporizer. It is easy to use, efficient and is not harmful to health.

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