CBD oil during pregnancy

The latest discoveries and findings regarding the use of cannabis and its constituents are gaining popularity in today’s world. It offers a positive response to the human body which also includes the mothers.

The mothers need to know more about the use of cannabinoid products in pregnancy and whether they are safe or not.

Many mothers want complete research regarding the use of CBD oil during pregnancy Safe as the percentage of mothers using the cannabis products is rising day by day due to the beneficial effects of cannabis in the reduction of nausea, vomiting, pain, spasticity, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, and inflammation associated with pregnancy.



The cannabinoids derived from the Cannabis plant are non-psychoactive except THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.  Which is a psychoactive agent and results in high feelings. CBD or cannabidiol is safe and non-psychoactive in nature.

The cannabinoids present in the plant offers therapeutic properties to the human body. Which leads to healing effects without any or mild adverse effects.

The cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system.  It’s receptors present all over the body especially in CNS,i.e., CB1 and other organs such as GIT, liver, uterus, prostate, adrenals and cardiovascular system, i.e., CB2 receptors.

The endocannabinoid system plays an essential role in maintaining the physiologic functions of the body. It does aids in optimizing homeostasis along with crucial features such as energy, mood, immune response, reproduction, appetite, and others.

CBD presents in smoking   These include oils, tinctures, edibles, salves, sprays and many others.

Cannabinoids Present in the Breast Milk

Cannabinoids present in the breast milk

The endocannabinoid system and CBD receptors are present all over the body and play an essential role during pregnancy Safe,i.e., prenatal as well as postnatal. Every individual is surprised to hear that cannabinoids are natural content present in the breast milk and they play an essential role in the human development.

These cannabinoids are termed as “neuromodulatory lipids.”The interaction with the endocannabinoid system results in maintenance of different bodily functions and protection against bacteria, viruses, cancer along with other malignancies.

According to European Journal of Pharmacology  was published in 2004. It states that all human beings have cannabinoid receptors and endocannabinoid system along with its receptors has a substantial impact on the prenatal and postnatal development.In human and bovine milk  endocannabinoids are present. endocannabinoids associated with food. CB1 receptors are developed during the the14th week of gestation.

Effects of Cannabinoids Present in the Breast Milk

Based on the studies and findings, it was further investigated to find out the results of cannabinoids in newborns when they begin to drink milk.

The studies demonstrated that when CB1 receptors are activated .They play an essential role for sucking breast milk which concludes that endocannabinoid system is the leading factor behind the development of a baby’s appetite which further promotes the newborn’s growth and development.

The endocannabinoids present in the breast milk do not only stimulate the baby’s food-related functions But they also aid in the protection of neurons during the post-natal development of a baby’s brain.

Research on Cannabinoids

Different studies conclude that the cannabinoids adhere to the fats present in the breast milk which is why scientists are investigating the relation of cannabis to breast milk.

There needs to be further research regarding the transmission of cannabinoids from the plant to the babies during the lactation phase. However, the study takes much time due to the difficulty while analyzing the cannabinoids along with fats separately.

The researchers have opted the saponification process where it is easy to isolate the cannabinoids from the lipids present in the breast milk.

The cannabinoids present in the Cannabis plant aids in relieving nausea, pain, and spasticity.  In fertilization during pregnancy the endocannabinoid system is involve.It Plays role in implantation and plantation phase along with parturition.

The in vitriol studies showed that THC exposure results in disruption of cellular signaling. The premature cell death, and angiogenesis along with decreased uptake of folic acid by cells.

The animal studies conclude that the THC exposure during prenatal phase. It  leads to neurological changes, the risk of anemia, low birth weight and increased chances for neonatal intensive care unit admittance.

Role of Cannabinoids in Pregnancy and Conception

Cannabinoids play an essential role in conception further helping in a successful pregnancy. According to research from Pediatrics Department at Vanderbilt University in 2006, endocannabinoids are necessary for female reproduction. The cannabinoid system has a substantial impact during the early phase of pregnancy.

The newly formed embryo adheres itself to the uterus lining.if the endocannabinoid system didnot involved then there is no reult  during pregnency

.The specific endocannabinoids included in this function,i.e., Anandamide. However, high or low amounts of Anandamide might result in inactivation of CB1 receptors.

According to American Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics in 2004, a study stated that exogenous and endogenous cannabinoids result in a direct and vigorous relaxant impact over the human pregnant myometrium which is activated through CB1 receptors.

The study also reports that Anandamide possesses neuroprotective properties which are essential in the development of brain post-natally. The endocannabinoids aid in shaping the neuronal connectivity.

In mammals endocannabinoid system is linked with the uterus,according to research which is conducted in 1995.

During the nursing and pregnancy phase, the endocannabinoid system is involved in relief and neuroprotective properties to fetus, mother, and baby.

If the CB1 receptors are blocked or removed in the lab, then the baby mice stopped suckling the milk from their mothers and resulted in death.

The study shows that cannabinoids are very important for the infant development. It also indicate that Cannabinoids play an essential role in the survival of babies by controlling the mechanism of milk ingestion.

Cannabinoids in the breast milk not only stimulate the feeding response but calms and relaxes the baby. It protects the baby against infections and helps in the maturation of the infant’s immune system.

The use of CBD oil during pregnancy safe lessens the contractions while in labor. According to a study conducted in 2010, CBD treatment resulted in less oxytocin-induced uterine contractions within the cells cultured outside the body.

The synthetic use of cannabinoids aid in easing the preterm labor when compared to the use of oxytocin antagonists.

Conditions affected by the use of CBD oil during pregnancy

CBD results in pronounced effects to the human body while pregnant. The following conditions have a positive impact if you consume CBD:

  • A Backache

The baby weight leads to backache issues in pregnant ladies because it exerts pressure over the lower body area leading to restless feeling and backache. CBD oil aids in subsiding the back pain along with it alleviates the other pregnancy symptoms.

A backache

  • Post-Partum Blues

Pregnant ladies after the childbirth commonly suffer depression. CBD oil aids in activating the serotonergic signals by the use of 5-HT1A receptors. The process enables the happy neurotransmitters which help in fighting depression and anxiety.

  • Chronic Pain Relief

The pre-existing issues in pregnant ladies exaggerate whether CBD Oil during pregnancy safe, so CBD aids in reducing the pain signals leading to less pain.

  • Premature Contractions

Premature deliveries are very common these days due to multiple reasons, one of which includes premature contractions.

Under certain conditions, the body naturally expels the fetus leading to early deliveries. According to a study conducted in 2010, it reveals that CBD oil aids in inhibition of myometrial contractions.

  • Morning Sickness

In the first trimester of pregnancy, many women experience morning sickness along with nausea and vomiting. This feeling results in hangover and can be relived by using CBD oil during pregnancy Safe. CBD oil during pregnancy effects the body.

Morning sickness

  • Nausea and Vomiting

During pregnancy , this inbuilt mechanism is over exaggerated during the first trimester. Consuming the CBD oil assists the body to produce a neurotransmitter,i.e., 5-Hydroxytryptamine which slows down the expulsion reflex leading to reduced symptoms.

Is CBD Oil during Pregnancy Safe?

Many pregnant and lactating mothers turn to cannabis or hemp products which helps them control nausea, vomiting, stress-related and unpleasant symptoms.

However, the physician did not advice CBD oil during pregenency because due to a Question is that CBD oil is safe during pregnency?

A study conducted in 2013, prenatal use of CBD increased the permeability of the material to the placenta. It shows that the foreign compounds more likely pass through the placental barrier and directly into the fetus.

The study concluded that the use of marijuana during pregnancy results in reduced protective functions to placenta leading to a change in physiological and morphological characteristics.

The Cannabis plants are not availble in many states due to the presence of a single culprit,i.e., THC. According to a study conducted in 2014, the use of THC during pregnancy results in negative impact on the brain development of humans as well as mice.

Premature deliveries and low birth weight newborns are due to the usage of Cannabis.  It also leads to irritability and sleep disorders.

Despite these conclusions, cannabis products are highly used by pregnant ladies. Approximately 11% women of child-bearing age have used cannabis in the past years, and 2-5% are involved in cannabis use during pregnancy safe.

Cannabinoid oil Reviews

According to a controlled study conducted in 2014, on Jamaican mothers along with their children. It concluded that cannabis use in pregnant ladies did not result in any impairment in babies.

However, they were more superior, socially responsive, more alert, less irritable and very stable. .19 users of Cannabis tells that it relieved nausea and aids in improving appetite.

Others claimed that the use of Cannabinoid aids in reducing fatigue. It also enhanced the feelings of depression and desperation.

Dr. Dreher quotes that the use of CBD oil during pregnancy does not show any possible links regarding. The association of Cannabis with pregnancy and its impact on the development of babies.There was no development problems in children.

It also Prove  whose mothers used CBD oil during pregnancy and in the lactation phase.

Thomas W. Hale, a specialist in drug exposure during the breastfeeding and pregnancy phase.On the other hand, concludes that studies in mothers who are in lactating stage and using cannabis products result in high risk of damage to their infants.

The risk of CBD Oil during pregnancy outweighs the benefits of such products while breastfeeding. However, he did not mention any clinical trials and studies were also out of date and context.

Some studies on rats showed that the high dose of THC exposure resulted in the performance and learning deficits similar to the ones linked with a hippocampal injury.

The lesions associated with hippocampus resulted in spatial awareness,i.e., unable to understand the surroundings, relational associations,i.e. It also unable to connect or contextual,i.e., do not understand the importance of the surrounding stuff. The high doses of THC in humans for 7-14 years may result in the same scenario as appeared in mice.

THC can pass through the breast milk to the newborns leading to multiple issues which include.

Motor skills in newborn baby decreases due to exposure of trace amounts of THC through the breast milk.

However, other studies concluded that there are no apparent effects of THC on newborn babies as the endocannabinoid system is not adequately developed in newborns.


In Many countries,Many pregnant Ladies overs the world did use cannabinoids which  was helpful for relieving the  unpleasant symptoms which include nasea

. CBD oil which are non-psychoactive have not addiction results

Only utilize hemp extracts,i.e., supplements and herbs during pregnancy safe and before conception and use them just under the supervision of your doctor or physician.

According to available evidence and research, it is best to conclude that moderate dosage of CBD Oil during pregnancy and lactation does not result in harmful effects to the developing fetus.

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