weird facts of hearing

In general, it is stated that you should be a good listener to become a good leader. To listen to others carefully, the humans are provided with the excellent organs called ears. You might be surprised to know that your ears are truly extraordinary organs. You know that they give you the ability to hear. But, they also provide you special awareness and balance. Furthermore, your ears also contribute to other senses like taste, surprised?Yes, read on to know more weird facts about your hearing:

Weird Hearing Facts

Your ears never sleep

When you sleep, your eyes closed, but ears remain open. They never stop the act of hearing, even though you are in deep sleep. This is why you get a disturbance in sleep when a mosquito makes a sound around your face. When you sleep, your ears continue to make sounds, but the brain blocks those sounds to help you with sound sleep at times.

You hear with hair

This might be yet another unknown fact for you. Hair here denotes hair cells otherwise called stereocilia. Within the cochlea of your ear, there are these hair cells that serve as the sensory transmitters of sound to your brain. When you lose more of these cells due to continuous exposure to heavy noises or other types of damages, your hearing ability will reduce. If they are entirely destroyed, you completely lose your hearing ability. This loss of hair cannot be regenerated and so hearing loss once happens does not retrieve, if it occurs due to the loss of these cells.

Your ears have the ability to clean themselves

Yes, you need not have to clean your ears then and there. Particularly when you use a hard object to clean your ears, there are chances of hearing loss. So, never clean your ears as they are self-cleaning. Pores in your ear canal have the ability to produce cerumen, which is otherwise called as earwax. The tiny hairs in the ear called as cilia push the earwax and send the same out of the ear canal in a natural manner. Even though many people find earwax as gross, it is just for protecting the hair within the ear from friction, dirt, and dust. Unless your ears produce more earwax, it is not essential to manually clean it.

Have you kept a sea shell on your ears?

Many of us have done this in our life. The roaring sound that you hear when you place a seashell close to your ear is not the sound produced by the seashell, but it is the sound of blood surging through the veins of your ear. You might be surprised to learn this as most of us were so far thinking that it is the sound that we hear from the seashell.

Your ear has three bones

You might not know that your ear has three bones. These three bones are too small that they can be placed together on a penny coin. These three bones are called as incus, malleus, and stapes and of these, the final one is the smallest. These bones are present in the middle of the ear. An infection in this part of the ear can lead to the issue called otorrhea. Causes of Otorrhea are plenty and it is not a serious health issue.

Different types of wax for different people

You might be surprised to know that the ears of different people produce different ear wax based on their place of birth. Yes, you might be surprised to know that Asians and also American Indians generally have dry and flaky ear wax. On the other hand, Caucasians and Africans have brown wax that is moist always. Studies show that anthropologists have used ear wax to determine the early migratory pattern of the humans.

Women hear differently than men

Another surprising thing about hearing is that women hear different as compared to men. Yes, studies show that men only use a single side of their brain to listen, while women use both sides. Also, studies show that women are capable enough to hear higher-pitched sounds as compared to men. Also, women are known to lose their hearing later than men.

Hope, these weird facts about hearing might have surprised you a lot!

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