Hair Loss

Hair loss problem in women as common as that of the male and the causes behind the loss problem is also very same in both the gender. The hair loss causes other than the genetic or Androgenic alopecia are categorized under the conditional factors that may be treated with the medications or therapy, but only to some extent as the permanent solution is the hair transplant procedure.

The conditional or situational factors that play a pivotal role in hair loss problems, includes the traction alopecia, Telogen effluvium, Thyroid problem, smoking & alcohol addiction, water & air pollution as well as an imbalanced diet that inhibits the hair follicles to grow and disturbs the hair growth cycle results in a severe hair loss problem.

The hair transplant procedure is a boon in the Plastic & the Cosmetic surgery industry that regenerates the hair roots and only a permanent solution to the hair loss/baldness problem.

The hair transplant in India is a good decision as it provides you the reasonable cost option added to the American standard facilities & care.

The expert Surgeons and recognized name weigh the Cosmetic & Plastic surgery industry in India and the pioneer Doctors treated the patients with utmost satisfaction that motivate the patient to join the Medical tourism in India.

Causes of Hair loss in Women

Androgenic alopecia

This is a genetic disease that is inherited from either the father’s side or mother or both the parents present the female pattern of hair loss.

The women experience the problem of hair thinning rather than the recession of the hairline from the top and front area of the scalp as the male and the case of complete baldness is a rare one in the case of female pattern hair loss.

The factor DHT (Di Hydro Testosterone) is responsible for the male pattern hair loss, but the research is still going on to identify the actual cause of the female pattern.

Traction alopecia

Traction alopecia is a form of hair loss or a gradual hair loss, caused by the pulling force being applied to the hair. The tight braiding or snug hairpiece causes tension on the hair and made a risk factor.

The African American women and the Sikhs-men are more susceptible to the problem of Traction alopecia and it is also very common to the mental disorder people who are always being indulged in the activity of hair pulling.

Telogen Effluvium

It is a stress-related hair loss that reversed after a stressful experience and causes the hair thinning problem. Women are more susceptible to Telogen effluvium in which hair growth cycle gets disturbs and a hair early enters into the Telogen phase causes the severe hair loss problem.

In the case of Telogen effluvium, a temporary thinning of hair occurs mainly at the top & the front area of the scalp and hair gets thin day-by-day.

The mental trauma, hormonal problem and the deficiency of some vitamins such as Iron, Zinc, Vitamin B-6 & vitamin B-12 cause the problem of Telogen effluvium type of hair loss.

Thyroid Problem

Experiencing a sudden change in the hormone, especially due to the Thyroid triggers the hair loss problem and presents the case of Telogen effluvium type of hair loss.

The fluctuation in Thyroid hormone encourages the hair follicles to enter into a prolonged Telogen stage result in severe hair thinning problem.

Hair Transplant Procedure for Women: When & How

The hair loss problem affects the person’s looks and appearance and needs to be sorted out as soon as possible. In our society, beauty and looks are rated on the societal scale and women are much obsessed with her looks.

The case of hair loss whether it is genetic or external caused factors are very common in the picture and every year the data of women pattern hair loss is increased with the increasing treatment rate, which offered by many hair transplant Clinics & centers.

When Hair Transplant Procedure is recommended for female patients is highlighted below:

  • When she feels the excessive thinning and a visible scalp portion of the top and front area
  • Hair loss due to burnt or accidental injuries where the hair roots got lost and need a treatment to regenerate them again, the hair transplant is needed
  • Hair Transplant is needed as most of the females are not comfortable with the medications and experiences the side effects
  • Hair transplant is needed when a female patient is an extreme need of her makeover.

How is a Hair Transplant Procedure performed for Women?

To decide the procedure of hair restoration to solve the women pattern of hair loss is a much introspective work as it decides according to her suitability and easiness. The expert hair transplant Surgeon recommends the FUT hair transplant rather than the FUE one because FUE need shaving of hair before the procedure and no women want to have a total shave of hair as it makes her looks awkward.

However, FUT hair transplant has to opt-in most of the cases of a female pattern hair loss. Furthermore, the outcomes of FUT hair transplant are much better than the FUE in the context of the number of grafts, densely-packed hairs and the most important to get an enduring transplant result as the hair roots are extracted only from the safe donor area of the scalp.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair restoration in women is a much introspective decision that needs an expert Surgeon to perform in order to get the best results in terms of the utmost aesthetic touch as according to the patient’s needs & desire with her look concerns.

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