Much advanced than a long (est.) selfie stick & more intimate than any hovering helicopter, camera drone is the new bae.

They are next tech frontier in photography. Love & zeal for camera drone has skyrocketed during last few years. Now, each day consumers are capable of getting perfect professional-grade aerial imagery that was once merely possible with a sizeable helicopter — & budget.

They are a dream medium of an artist. Freed absolutely from earth-bound photography, these camera drones let creative minds to take flight & capture this exquisite world from a higher perspective.

Here are few practical tips for opting an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or read this guide:

Choose The Right Drone

Camera Type

The drone camera kind available is a major consideration. While few of models come with their very own camera, others will require a product such as a GoPro attached to them.

Actually, one needs to opt a model that comes with its very own built-in camera. Such cameras are lighter as compared to most of the other cameras & they’re usually more functional. A few other considerations are:

  • Of how many megapixels the camera is
  • The video resolution has given
  • Whether the camera angle be controlled or not
  • The distance of the camera

Controllable Range

The range that one can control the drone camera is very necessary. Most merely work with a remote distance of like 30m. This is the farthest one will be capable to control his drone.

Knowing about the range may not seem vital for casual users, but if one needs to take aerial footage, one will require understanding the range at which one can control his drone.

To be honest, the more expensive models will have a vast & further range available.

Live Feed

Live feed of the video that is being taken is actually not available with all drones. In reality, quadcopter cameras that have this feature are more expensive but they are worth each penny.

The feed will go over Wi-Fi & can be transmitted to a great variety of devices. Usually, the feed will be either given to a computer, or any tablet or Smartphone. It may be available right on the controller as well, which is the optimal option for precise flying.

Controllers that have an LCD display will usually have a feed that is sent & let’s one to see what the drone camera is capturing in real-time. If one’s main purpose is to take some aerial videos of real estate or at parties, this may be the very important factor of all.

There are lots of apps for streaming. Streaming may also be available on one’s tablet, computer or Smartphone directly. These features will vary from one drone to another.

The one advantage to streaming to his computer is that one can capture the video directly without utilizing any USB transfer.

When there isn’t a live feed present, a video is usually stored on an SD Card or flash drive. This means precise videos are going to be virtually impossible to take for some professional purposes.

Battery Life

It is one of the most necessary factors to understand. Whether one has opted drone camera for capturing some amazing moments at his travel trip or for his child, the last thing one needs is for his little travel companion, the drone camera, is not to be dead within minutes of use. There are some considerations pertaining to its battery life.

  • Charging time

How long is the battery going to take to charge once it has been depleted? Lots of models take 2 hours to recharge, so one must keep this in his mind.

  • Battery life

Few of copters can fly for six minutes & others twelve minutes prior to needing to be grounded & recharged. One must know how long his little battery is going to last.

  • Replacement batteries

Whether for a spare that can be utilized when a battery has died or simply if any battery is no longer holding any charge, replacement batteries are essential especially when one is traveling or having vacations. One must find if replacement batteries are available or nor & where he can purchase them.

  • Way of charging

.Another thing that will determine the longevity of one’s drone camera’s battery is how it is being charged. Most of the times, cameras are going to have their own batteries that they use to operate which will extend the flight time of one’s drone greatly.

Height & Speed

One must include this on his consideration’s list. This feature is more of a personal preference that has to be tailored to one’s specific requirements.

If one has a drone that is meant for taking some live-action video during a cricket game, one may require reaching a height of almost 300 feet or so to be capable to capture the whole baseball field.

However, if one is flying merely fun, 100 feet is sufficient. Speed is also worthy. Usually, the speed of a drone is going to be 10 – 15 miles per hour.

But, as stated above, one is confined to the range of his controller. Speed is going to be a consideration if one requires taking video of sport’s games, like soccer, or one needs to follow around his child as they run through the yard to make some memories, i.e. a family video.


Drone advancements are happening fast. The high-end models are being offered with GPS capability now, which lets the quadcopter to adjust for wind & even call back the helicopter to its base.

Usually, quadcopter designs are much utilized as they let for refined control & balance when they are flying. Weight & dimensions is also a factor to consider. Keep in mind, the heavier a copter, the more power it is going to need to fly.

But, heavier models are typically doing better when a gust of wind is present. If one needs a very smooth flight, one may require opting a model that comes ready with GPS capability.

Replacement Option

Exactly like any quadcopter or drone, other parts may require repairing or replacing. Few models are not for an easy replacement which means they’re virtually useless if anything of them breaks. Instead, one needs to make sure that one opt such drone camera as his Bae, at his travel trip, whose replacement parts can be easily installed.

Some of the most common replacements are:

  • Such gears that have worn in the propellers
  • Such propellers that have been damaged
  • Such batteries that have lost their capability to charge

One will also need to consider what kind of maintenance, if any, is going to be needed. Oiling the blades as a necessity to keep the quadcopter in tiptop shape. One must opt such model that comes with “buy one and get extra parts free or at half price”.

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