A crock pot is the most modern and advanced kitchen gadget which is helpful for the delicious cooking of food nowadays. It is also a common mean of the convenient cooking of different kinds of food items. The slow cooking procedure of crock pot helps to get the inside taste of the various kinds of vegetables and meat dishes which isn’t found in the food through traditional or other means of cooking utensils. In this article, you can see the different kinds of delicious chicken recipes for the crock pot which can help you to prepare the world best meals for your family and friends.

Creamy Chicken Flair with Biscuits

Creamy chicken flair with biscuits is the wonderfully delicious dish to make via crock pot. For cooking this dish, you need to get the different kinds of seasonal vegetables in small proportions along with black and white pepper, chicken, its broth, and onions. Flour and dry white wine will also be added to it. Place the vegetables, flour and chicken along with sauces in the crock pot for five to six hours. Add cream and salt when the vegetables and chicken in broth get tender or dry. Your delicious dish is ready to serve when you sprinkle biscuits over it before serving.

Soy Glazed Chicken with Stir Fry Vegetables

Seasonal vegetables like different kinds of peas, carrots and other are required to be cut finely for preparing soy glazed chicken. Stir fry all the vegetables. Place chicken, salt, black pepper small amount of water and soya sauce along with the soy over the chicken in the crock pot and let it heat up for almost two to three hours at the fast heating mode. To increase the cooking time, you should lower the melting temperature. Add the vegetables when chicken gets tender and places it over the heat for twenty minutes. Serve the hot dish with different kinds of sauces which you love the most.

Chicken and Pasta Soup

Soups are always delicious to taste when prepared in a crock pot. You need pasta, parsley, onion, cloves, salt, pepper, chicken and bay leaves for the soup preparation. Place all the things expect pasta and parsley in a crock pot and let it heat for five to six hours in case of high temperature. After the time open the crock pot and get out the chicken to mince it. Add pasta and let it heat up for about half an hour again. Now take out the soup and remove the leaves and cloves from it. Add chicken pieces and serve it.

Ginger Curry Chicken

Ginger curry chicken is very easy and delicious when prepared in a crock pot. You need to add all the ingredients like chicken, ginger, onion, water, black pepper, a small amount of salt and tomato paste in a 4-quart crock pot. Cook it and add the yoghurt when the chicken gets tender. Again heat up the crock pot and prepare white rice. Serve the fried chicken with rice to get the delicious taste of garlic curry chicken with rice.

Cheesy Chili Chicken

Enchilada sauce, black beans, chicken pieces, tortilla chips, seasoning sauces, sweet corns and onion sour cream is required for the preparation of cheesy chilli chicken. At slow cooking at the 4-quart crock pot, you need to put everything except cheese and sour cream. Let the food cook up to eight hours at the moderate temperature or slow cooking. Open the pot after the required time and add the cream and seasoning material. Garnish the cheesy chicken in the dish and serve it hot.