Exercise Machines

If you are looking to eliminate extra calorie form body, we present you with effective exercises to achieve this with these basic exercise machines that you will find in the gym. Also, take some time to know some nutrition tips to accomplish your goal.

Best Exercise Machines

Let’s check out the three best exercise machines which will help you to loss weight.


It is a machine with two pedals and two vertical bars that allow the user to go at slow, moderate and intense speeds. You can also modify the level of difficulty. It is one of the most common equipment in all gyms and is responsible for working the upper and lower train, activating a large number of body areas: legs, buttocks, arms, pectorals and even abs.

It combines movements of different activities like climbing, walking, pedaling or skiing. According to a Mayo Clinic study, a 73-kilogram person training on the elliptical for an hour suppresses up to 365 calories. If you are a newbie you can start walking 15 minutes in the first few days. As you gain strength, you can increase your exercise time to 20, 30 or 40 minutes.

You should not abuse time thinking that this way you will lose more weight. You have to moisturize very well, preferably with water. If you abuse the time there will come a time when you will stop burning calories and you will lose fluids necessary for your body. Some doctors recommend using the elliptical instead of walking, as there is no impact on the knees, ankles or heels. You should also wear secure footwear with a thick, soft sole. It is unnecessary to wear sweaters and plastic bags to sweat more.

Stationary Bicycle

It offers all the benefits of a conventional bicycle, but being inside a gym. One of the most popular workouts is spinning, especially for those looking to reduce weight and tone muscles. Stepping on the best stationary bike means working most of the muscles, with emphasis on the buttocks, legs, arms, and abdomen. A study at Harvard University concluded that a 70-kilo person can suppress up to almost 400 calories in a single spinning session.

If you have been encouraged to practice it, we recommend taking the following measures of safety and effectiveness: you must wear tennis shoes, never sandals or open shoes. Have a large bottle of water that allows you to hydrate before, during and after each workout. A towel for the many liters of sweat that your skin will eliminate.
The first sessions can cause muscle and groin pain. You should seek advice from your coach for quicker and better results.


It is a classic but very effective tool, especially for those who are new to the world of exercise. If you are a beginner it is advisable that you walk between 15 and 20 minutes daily. As you gain resistance, you must increase time and speed. React to yourself and always demand more from your body if you want to notice real changes.

Running for 20 minutes on tape involves all major body muscles, generates cardiovascular endurance and burns calories. The speed of the tape and your weight determine how many calories are consumed, “says an article in Infobae. Running for 20 minutes at 9.66 kilometers per hour burns around 229 calories, according to the Calories per Hour site. This machine is not recommended for people who have extreme obesity, as practicing it can damage your knees and different joints.

If you want to lose weight you also have to modify your diet in a controlled way. Try hot shapers belt that is incredible in shaping your body and eliminating excess belly fat.

Nutritionists recommend, as a generality that can vary according to each person, eat three main courses and two snacks between each meal. Strong dishes should include lots of vegetables, few curbs, and zero sugary drinks, among others.

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