If your wedding day is around the corner, you are in for a genuine treat! While skimming through hundreds of dresses and finally deciding on the perfect one was fun earlier this weekend, it’s finally time to accent your gorgeous bridal look by choosing the right jewels. Confused as to which jewelry to pick?

Jewellery can be found in millions of styles today, thanks to the jewellery designers. While the options might seem entertaining and engaging, this can also lead to a diversion from selecting the most suitable piece! Been there? Well, check out the top 5 underlining aspects which will guide you straight towards your goal of the perfectly accessorized you, on your special day!

The Dress

The dress is the essential aspect while choosing the jewellery. It is a universal fact that gold jewellery will compliment an ivory dress while a pure white dress will stand out if paired with silvers and platinum jewels. If you have decided on the shade of your dress, deciding on the jewellery should be an easy walk down the road!

Secondly, if you have a colored strip in your dress, namely blue, silver or purple, don’t hesitate in adding the same shade in your jewellery. Matching will be on the spot!

The Neckline Style


The wedding jewellery should be chosen after viewing the bridal dress neckline. Since there are numerous amounts of fashionable necklines, choose the one which suits your neck and shoulders best.

If you are going for a halter neck, opt for a pearl string necklace. If you fancy the sweetheart, straight across the neck or the scoop, you might have a chance to wear statement necklaces with noticeable gems.

On the contrary, if your neckline is based on the illusion, the boat neck or Queen Anne, why worry about the necklace when you can switch to bigger, brighter earrings! It’s your special day; I say go nuts and wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings! After all, you will be the center of attention.

Match them all Up!

Matching is imperative! After all, you don’t want one item stealing your spotlight for no reason. If you have a gorgeous pure white embroidered dress with beaded embellishments, go for silver or white gold jewellery. Choose a matching head accessory with the same shade as well.

Picture this: If your hair pin is dull gold, your earrings are silver with diamonds while your necklace is platinum, will it appeal your whole look? No way! Hence, match it all up.

Veil or No Veil?

The Veil is the most symbolic wedding day accessory. Your jewellery highly depends on the kind of veil you opt for.

If you are skipping the veil, deem half your problems gone with the wind! However, if you are considering to add a veil, firstly compliment it with your dress. If you have an ivory dress, your veil should match the exact shade.

Secondly, if you are deciding on long statement earrings with a thin choker on the neck, you should go for a see-through, edge embroidered veil so that all your guests can see your lovely jewellery too!

Be yourself: Comfy, Cool and Superb

It is ‘Your’ special event. Simply be yourself. No one’s asking you to be super casual about your wedding day looks, but hey! Don’t overdo it.

Choose a dress, shoes, jewellery and veil which suit you, which fit you and which help you stay relaxed and comfortable. Uncomfortable, dangling jewels can get very irritating by the time you say your vows! Comfort should be a priority when selecting jewels for the big day!

The wedding day is an iconic occasion in everyone’s life, and hence it should be treated importantly. You will become a bride only once, so make the most of it. Start jotting down ideas, see what’s in fashion and which items fit your budget. Always remember, the key to becoming the prettiest bride is staying happy, comfy and content. Good luck girls!

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