Fashion Mistakes

Even though fashion has come to the point where there’s a fine line between what’s acceptable and what isn’t, you can still make detrimental fashion mistakes or a few when choosing your fashion style. Some rules still exist, and for that, you should know how to differentiate between a trendy match and a fashion faux pas.

Always buying the same size

You are not the same person you were three years ago, right? You’ve grown mentally, emotionally and obviously physically. That doesn’t have to mean that you’ve gained or lost weight, it simply means that your physique had changed to a certain extent. That’s one of the reasons why you shouldn’t stick to the same size over and over, but try out a size smaller or bigger than your regular one.

What’s more, not all clothing brands make a size 2 equally as big, which is why you most likely won’t be able to fit in a size 2 in every store. And that’s perfectly okay, as long as the size bigger fits you properly and you opt for that one instead of squeezing into a size too small.

Only one denim piece is allowed

Denim on denim does not have to look plain and make you avoid wearing it in that form. Quite the contrary, if you mix your boyfriend jeans with a tucked-in denim shirt, a pair of patent red or nude pumps is all you need to break an all-denim outfit.

The key is to create a contrast with a statement accessory or footwear. A statement belt with a big buckle, an oversized bag or even a leather jacket can transform a plain outfit into a trending ensemble.

You’re a victim of trends

Being up to date with trends is amazing if you want to always rock the latest skirt, top or jeans trends. However, there is such a thing as being too fashion savvy. Unless you know which trends to choose and how to make them all work, you’ll just end up looking like fashion mistakes.

Instead of piling on too many trends in one outfit, try to stay moderate and mix new with the old, or simply new bold with classic must-haves. Otherwise, you won’t be able to rock the new trends, but you’ll look like a true fashion trend victim.

You don’t mix patterns

Mixing various patterns isn’t the worst thing you could do, even though you might think otherwise. Don’t be afraid to match florals with stripes or polka dots with ikat. However, if you’re new to the entire print mixing, start with the basics.

Treat leopard or camo like neutrals to start your pattern-mixing journey. Regardless of the colored print you choose, a leopard or camo blouse, bag, shoe or a belt, will go absolutely perfect with it.

White socks with ankle boots

Obviously, you can’t go socks-free when you’re wearing boots, but what you can do is limit the visibility of the socks you’re wearing. This is essential when we’re talking about ankle boots because if there’s even a half of inch sock peeking out, it’ll look tacky. Therefore, invest in thin black socks that will go great with any ankle boots and won’t make their appearance outside the boot.

Final Thoughts

Following the fashion trends isn’t always as easy as it may seem because you can quickly go off the rails and become the next laughing stock instead of a true trendsetter. That’s precisely why you need to learn to recognize the big fashion mistakes that can potentially ruin your personal style.

As long as you always try various sizes of clothing until you find the one that fits, you mix and match patterns appropriately, break an all-denim look wisely and don’t try to mix all the trending styles, you’ll be able to build a personal style everyone will envy you for.

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