We must appreciate Gigi Hadid for her looks, her sexy body and her self-defence skills! She is amazing in every possible way!

Must Admit!

The 21-year old model was seen flaunting her sexy body and flawless skin on the runway during Paris fashion week, flashing side boob in her burnt orange jumpsuit.

We loved her in the pleated metallic frock. She was the leading lady on the Balmain catwalk at Paris Fashion week, wearing plunging necklines and metallic dresses that captivated all of us.

Her super slim figure was worth watching as she walked with grace on the runway, the audience eyes on her. She skipped wearing her bra at the event and exposed her skin proving she is as naughty as we think of her.

Her hair was neatly scraped back, and she completed her look by accessorizing her outfit with a thick black choker-style collar.

We totally loved her look as she flashed her toned legs and walked with that signature moody gait. This girl has an aura, no doubt!

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She was seen wearing another perfect fitting dress, orange in colour with tight flared trousers, accessorizing with thick black bracelets on each arm and a cape, completing her ensemble.

In the audience, she was watched by her BFF Kendall’s Sister Kim Kardashian, who herself was dressed in a sexy outfit and threatened to out shadow Gigi at the Paris fashion week.

Earlier this week in Milan Gigi impressed us when she kicked the notorious prankster who grabbed her from behind when she was leaving a fashion show.

Her tweets later sent out a message to all girls to learn self-defense skills to combat any harassment. Gigi thanked her fans for all the support at this shocking event.

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