Suit Trends For Men

Are you an up-to-date bride with the goals to make your wedding the trendiest event of the year? You’ve probably gone over all of the details for the venue, the date and everything that can be set up in advance, and now it’s time for outfits. There’s no doubt that your outfit will be the best possible gown out there, but does your husband share the same passion for fashion, or does he rely on you to make those decisions? Well, if you need some help with the trendiest menswear this year to make sure your husband suit matches yours, here are some ideas:

Bare chest suits

Don’t you think it’s traditional? You bet it’s not! But that’s what fashion is all about, and this year’s runways were flooded with men strutting in suits with no shirts underneath. Now, this might not be a good look for a church wedding, or if you have a winter date, but for a summer wedding, especially one at the beach, this can be a great play on the traditional suit.

All the same rules for picking and tailoring a suit apply, but you get to spare the cost of the shirt. You can even go for a three-piece suit to get some additional coverage, or button up.


If you’re tired of the black-and-white wedding look – so is everyone else. It’s time to switch it up and the color to be wearing this season is sage. It’s so elegant because the ashy undertones make it look so natural.

You can go for a gull sage suit, or just one piece, like the jacket or the shirt. You can match it to your own outfit with a sage headpiece, shoes or accents in your bouquet.

Double-breasted jackets

Tightly fitted jackets were so three years ago. This year, it’s all about the oversized, baggy, double-breasted suits. However, this doesn’t mean that you should buy an outfit that is a few sizes bigger.

Even though this trend started in Asia, you can find a professional that makes tailored suits in Sydney and other big cities around the world who will be more than willing to look into this new trend and make you a suit that fits in all the right places.

These types of suits are definitely best worn open, and they have a more casual look, so they are best for a casual, outdoor wedding. To make sure your hubby doesn’t look like he’s wearing his dad’s suit, make sure that the rest of the package is well-fitted.

Wrap suits

The trend that blew everyone away this year is the wrap-suit. Whether they call it a deconstructed kimono or a wrap blazer, the sentiment is the same: a well-fitted jacket fastened with a sash or belt instead of buttons.

These look so elegant and when they are made out of high-quality, silky materials – let’s say that your gown is in danger of being in the shadow. It’s a great way to get some pattern in because when the jacket is closed, you usually can’t see a shirt underneath (and it’s also great for pairing with the abovementioned bare chest trend).


No outfit is complete without some accessories, and this year you are allowed to go whichever direction you want, whether it’s mirror-shoes, snake-skin boots, all sorts of snap-backs and hats and, of course, jewelry. It is a place where your hubby can express himself in whichever way he wants, and you can trust that he really can’t go wrong.

Of course, you’re going to marry the man no matter what he looks like, but if he’s dating such a fashion-forward person and is ready to marry them, then he should be prepared for some fashion advice regularly.

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