Celebrity Divorces

With the Brad-Angelina Split news on media, everyone looks so upset, and it seems like they want me out of the shock. I know we loved the Troy star and A-lister Angelina together. I mean they lived together more than 12 years but they divorced after 2 years of marriage Our grievances aside, let’s look into the matter. Celebrity Divorces is big news for fans.

Divorce Date

On 15th of September, the Oscar Winner Angelina filed for divorce from Brad Pitt stating irreconcilable differences (we are waiting for details of course) and asking for full custody of the six kids with visitation rights given to Brad Pitt. The sad news brought tears to many Brangelina fans, and much more Jennifer Aniston’s fans called it ‘karma’s doing’.

Shit happens!

It has happened before. Here’s an account of the most shocking celebrity divorces of all times. Most of the divorces listed here came as a surprise and shocked most of us. We didn’t expect these rock-solid couples to get separated, yet they did.