Hollywood’s most glamorous, most ideal couple decides to split up due to irreconcilable differences, the sources reveal. 12 years into the steaming hot relationship and two years of marriage, the soon to be ex-wife, Angelina Jolie confesses that the couple had issues.

While on the outer surface, the couple seemed normal and happy on the inside, however, they were struggling hard to stay together. Since the heartbreaking news has gained the spotlight, the reasons for the divorce are coming forward in spells.

Angelina Jolie stepped up the game by filing for divorce stating she underwent the horror for the “health of the family.” As the family of 8 people has been devastated, Angelina’s attorney Robert Offer said, “She will not be commenting, and asks that the family is given its privacy at this time.”

As for Brad Pitt, he stated, “I am very saddened by this, but what matters most now is the well-being of our kids,” to the Peoples Magazine. He added, “I kindly ask the press to give them the space they deserve during this challenging time.”


What Went Wrong?

According to the private sources, the couple was undergoing marital issues. While meeting on the sets of the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2004), the duo seemed to magnet each other when Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. A year later (2005) Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce, and the couple split happily. In 2006, after adopting an Ethiopian girl, Zahara the couple revealed they were expecting a baby of their own.

They happily married at a chapel in Château Miraval in 2014 and decided to get a divorce in 2016. The ex-couple is worth £308 million together, known to own several properties around the world as well.

Everything seemed to go well then, have they been jinxed now? No!

The reports expose the motives behind the split up. Angelina Jolie pointed fingers on Brad Pitt for ‘Bad Parenting’ and ‘Substance Abuse.’ To which the actor, Brad Pitt denied, Angelina Jolie added she wanted to ‘Unleash Hell’ for the family with the divorce of the stunning duo.

With six children, namely, Maddox (15), Pax (12), Zahara (11), Shiloh, (10), and the twins Knox and Vivienne (8), Angelina Jolie is filing for full custody without spouse support from Pitt with the appeal to giving visiting rights to the father from time to time. According to the media, Pitt states his focus now lies solely on the kids.

While starring in a recent film, By the Sea which was produced by Pitt and written and directed by Jolie, the story encircled a glamorous couple whose happily married life was now a calamity.

Upon being asked the couple regarding their roles, Angelina told the Radio Times, “It feels a little daunting. We haven’t worked together for ten years. But all of the reasons why bodies say we should be scared of it, we believe that’s exactly why we have to make this – because we can. So we’re going to go boldly.”


Apparently being happily married in 2015, Angelina told Tom Brokaw of NBC “I’m counting on the public to understand that if it was adjacent to us at all we could never do this film, It’s just because we are actually very, very solid, and these aren’t our issues.” (By the Sea).

Apart from being hand in hand on the screens, the couple has been a part of philanthropy activities towards their society. Brad Pitt is known to have worked in rebuilding the New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina while Angelina Jolie is United Nation’s envoy for refugee problems presently.

Other sources expose that Brad Pitt co-starred with the French actress Marion Cotillard in the drama Allied and was known to have a secret affair.

Marion, an Oscar-winning actress, furiously denied the accusations as she stated that she is in a long-term relationship with the actor Guillaume Canet.

Angelina Jolie hired a private detective and upon seeing physical proof, she accused the two and suspected her husband Brad Pitt was not worth her time anymore.

According to the media, several co-stars and friends were also left devastated by the horrific news. Angelina Jolie’s father, the actor Jon Voight spoke to the Inside Edition stating, “It’s a sad thing. Say a little prayer. I am concerned for Angie and the kids, and hopefully, I will be seeing them very soon.”

When asked about the views regarding the couple’s divorce at the Tuesday’s Leaders Summit for Refugees at the United Nations General Assembly, George Clooney exclaimed to the news, “I didn’t know that. Wow. I feel very sorry then.” He added, “That’s a sad story and unfavorable for a family.”

On the other hand, loyal fans around the globe are witnessed to be sad, heartbroken and upset because of the news. There are several memes, posts and tweets in the social media regarding the matter.

Hang in there fans! The couple was just alluring as they both complimented each other, hand in hand through thick and thins, though times, happy times and what not.

Brace yourselves as Brad Pitt will shine through your screens in the upcoming drama Allied, whereas the diva Angelina Jolie will be seen in a Netflix documentary First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers.

Recite a prayer. Keep your fingers crossed.