Trends Of Sales force has been turning heads since the beginning of its journey in 1999, and in 2018 it has become the 7th most wanted software skill. This cloud-based customer relationship management software has been helping almost all leading industries. 2017 has been quite generous to it, and this gives us a chance to predict the trends we are going to see this year.

Salesforce is a hot favorite of developers, administrators, data managers, project managers, customer relationship managers and even architects. This multi-faceted software as a service platform is an excellent choice for almost all professions and industries.

In 2018 we are expecting to see a sharp rise in the demand of Sales-force as a skill and also an increase in the number of professionals who use it. can help you with the integration of Sales-force and data transfer.

Trends Of Sales-force

Their Marketing Experience will Expand

The marketing cloud of Salesforce is long due for an expansion. Back in the last quarter of 2017, the revenues of it reached over 2.56 billion with a whopping 26% growth over 2016.

With the rising demand, it is finally time for the company to expand their Marketing Cloud solutions. The introduction of Lightning Experience, Health Cloud, and Big Data abilities will make it more adaptable across multiple industries.

Salesforce already offers Commerce Cloud and Quip for enriching the marketing experience of the customers. This year may see more goodies from the developers at Dreamforce.

Salesforce will Enter the world of Automation

The introduction of Einstein and significant data abilities of the platform is contributing to the constant demands. It is the fastest growing platform in customer relationship management as a service. It is now capable of supporting the integration of IoT.

2018 is going to be a year during which Salesforce, IoT, and big data will become synonymous. We are also expecting to see it enter the world of blockchain soon this year with their advanced machine learning and AI technologies.

Mobile Adaptations will Stand Stronger Than Ever

Salesforce is always famous for its mobile platform adaptations. 2018 is going to see more efforts in this space. Numerous app developments will ensure that will serve mobile customers from some large-cap corporations.

It will also influence the startup and SME markets heavily, like always. It already has over 150,000 customers from the small business niche, and Trends Of Salesforce is likely to dish out more delectable features just for these SMBs.

Salesforce and Philanthropy

The 1-1-1 Salesforce program will stand strong this year as well. It is a social philanthropy program from the founders that is ideal for small businesses and start-ups. 1-1-1 represents the fraction of time, a measure of resources and products that Salesforce contributes to the community for welfare.

Trends Of Salesforce is a one of a kind endeavor that has seen tremendous success and growth over the last (almost) two decades. With the new introduction of a gamified website, the company is all ready to offer the best UX to all customers around the world. 2018 is going to be a notable year in the history of it regarding expansion, new feature introduction and customer services.

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