Living in the 21st century, the art of selfie-taking is a skill everyone must acquire. In today’s selfie-culture, we must learn to put our best foot forward (or should I say, best POSE ahead) and embrace the art. Who better than to take tricks from, than the goddess of selfie-taking: Kim Kardashian herself. With having bagged her book; “Selfish” laden with her selfies, let us explore the art to the perfect selfie.

Seek The Light 

Selfish in Mexico

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There is no secret that the right light is the key to a fantastic selfie. While we all swing around the window and wait for the golden hues brought upon by the setting sun, it is also essential to know how to counteract the unwanted effect of low-light and fluorescent light (tube lights are the worst). A helpful trick is to hold a white cloth or towel next to your face. It helps in neutralizing the unwanted effect of flash on the front.

Find The Perfect Angle For You

Different people like different positions when taking selfies. According to Kim Kardashian; the queen of selfies, the best angle is pointing the chin downwards and holding the camera up. Keeping the camera slightly above face level streamlines facial features. The cheekbones pop and looking up at the camera makes the eyes look bigger too. It may annoy your big friends when half their heads are cut off in the selfies, what matters is you look BOMB.

Knowing Your Face

We all have certain sides and angles we prefer. Each person is unique with strong and weak features. To discover your best selfie face, the answer is to practice practice practice! Try different angles, work around light and see how it hits you in the right place, change sides, figure out what works best for you and work your high points to your advantage. If you have gorgeous lips, pout like Kim Kardashian, work that duckface!

Don’t Be A Quitter

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Kim Kardashian reportedly said she takes about 300 selfies until she finds the perfect one. So don’t be shy or embarrassed and go all out till your phone memory gives up on you. Don’t give up until you find your best one; you can do it!

Crop To Flawlessness

When we’re like…we both have nothing to wear LOL @emrata

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We all have those selfie moments where we love the face but have an awkward hand or armpit situation going on. At times like those, use the cropping tool and get rid of whatever you don’t like and keep what you do like, it doesn’t get simpler than that.

Use A Beautifying App

There is no harm in correcting flaws and amplifying features using an editing app. Sources have revealed that Kim K touches up her pictures using an Instagram app called Perfect365. Best of all, it’s free! So download the app and elongate those lashes, smooth out those creases, eliminate those blemishes and add blush to your cheeks to complete that perfect look. Be careful not to go overboard though. You will end up looking overly done and fake. Be you, not a human Barbie.

The Camera Matters

As much as we’d like to believe that the art of selfie-taking is all about skill, it’s mostly to do with what camera you’re using. No matter how good the light is, or how badass your contour looks, if you’re taking a selfie from an old lens, your picture won’t be worthy enough to find its place on your Instagram profile. Kim Kardashian revealed that she uses a digital camera for some of her selfies. That explains how her selfies have such high resolution and are so perfect.