summer skin care tips

The summers are here again! I am sure most of the girls out there get skin related problems, and they use all sort of the expensive creams to reduce its sebaceous secretions or to get rid of acne. But let me tell you that you just need to follow some simple tips to keep your skin fresh and smooth all day!

Keep yourself hydrated

In summers, you should try to keep your skin hydrated and fresh by drinking 2-3 liters of water per day. Drink fresh juices and avoid fizzy drinks.

Use a face wash for your skin

During the whole day, a lot of dirt and pollution gets accumulated over your skin, clogging pores. To avoid this issue, ensure the use of a mild face wash to remove the dirt from it. Once in a week scrub it to unclog your pores.

Use a sunblock/ hat/ umbrella while going outside

Radiation can cause serious harm. To avoid the dangerous radiations like UVA and UVB rays from coming into contact with your skin, wear a sunscreen that is suitable for your type.


If you complain of excessive sweating and body odor, it is highly recommended, that you use antiperspirant. It works by reducing sweat secretions and keeping you fresh all day.

Take a Cold Shower

It is really important that you maintain your external body temperature in summers. To do so, it is a must that you take cold showers, as hot showers can cause dryness of your surface after exposure to the sun and it can also result in breakouts.

Use rose water and lemon

If you are experiencing sun tanning or any dark marks on your face, use of rose water and lemon regularly can get back the natural color of your skin, make it fresh and shining.

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