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15 Best Beauty And Makeup App Free Download In 2018

Best Beauty And Makeup App Free Download

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With the advancement of the smartphone era, we do almost everything via our smartphones – like making any money transactions, finding lovely dates, reading adventurous books, sending important emails and text messages, quick shopping and the list goes on.

Of course, we spend much more time staring at our smartphones than in the mirror. Have you ever considered that your smartphone’s screen could actually become your looks-transformation-giver?

Yes, individuals can utilize their smartphones to up the beauty game in the number of ways. There is makeup applications or beauty applications to let one opt the right shade for her ( even his) skin, hair, nails, try new methods and to make her makeup life easier.

We have gathered the list of the latest and greatest of the best makeup applications 2018 and best beauty applications 2018 for Android as well as iOS/iPhone, which one can download right now.

Modiface Makeup

Modiface Makeup

It is the most popular digital makeup and beauty application for Android, iPhone and even Windows that allows one try out various looks.

Makeup is an application that takes virtual makeovers to a whole new level with great state-of-the-art cosmetics colors, makeover effects, and makeup simulation. In seconds, one can try thousands of cosmetics shades and colors.

This application also allows one try on over 40 various celebrity hairstyles and add funky accessories like jewels, sunglasses, earrings, and much more. It has a very clean interface and easy to utilize, one takes a snap a photo or opts a photo from the gallery.

Then, opt her favorite makeup products from a huge database. Once she has found the perfect color combination, she has to save it to her gallery and share with her friends.

The cosmetics products she has tried on are going to be saved for her convenience. It is a virtual makeup artist in the thw0e pocket. This utilizes latest Facial Recognition algorithm and built-in color blending technology.

It has around 2000+ of real-life cosmetics shades, 60 celebrity hairstyles, around 20 celebrity looks, eye color try-on, sunglasses try-on, applying teeth whitening, drawing with crayons, blemish removal and much more.

Download for iPhone Users.
Download for Android Users.


Genius Makeup App

L’Oréal Paris has introduced it. It is their the very 1st virtual makeup tester – Makeup Genius. Unlike lots of beauty or makeup applications, it allows one to take a quick selfie or upload a picture of one own self quickly.

It acts like a video camera. Utilizing front-facing camera of the smartphone, this application scans up to 64 points on one’s face to perfectly swipe on blush, lipstick, liner, and eyeshadow.

This great technology from the magnificent. Hollywood studios haven’t been seen in the world of beauty before ever.

One can even create her own or try any ready-to-wear looks curated by makeup artist instantly. One can see herself perfectly made up in merely one click. Virtual makeup try-on has not been more real ever before.

Download for iPhone Users.
Download for Android Users.

Youcam makeup

Youcam makeup

It is one of the best makeup application, beauty application, and hairstyle studio with various lipsticks, eye makeup, blushes and more for the digital makeover.

With this, one can make makeup looks, hairstyles and change hair color within no time. One can makeover in real-time or on her photos.

It allows one to record a Makeover Mashup Video, simply consider a series of makeup looks quickly automatically and then record them in a short video.

Via it, one gets a flawless skin with adjustable skin tones as well as effortless tans. Its face editor has skin toner and skin smoother that restore the flawless skin one was born with.

It also allows one to add blush and remove any shine for a pristine, get a natural look, change eye color and overlay makeup to style one look up or down for any event.

One can also try on a hairstyle over anyone else face too. Lip gloss and lipstick, one can opt for classic matte color or any shine colors, depending on her mood and also whiten one’s teeth instantly with teeth whitener.

One also stays stylish with makeup tips and tutorials utilizing the best makeup application, beauty tips application and some luxury fashion guide.

Download for iPhone Users.
Download for Android Users.

Mary Kay® Mobile Virtual Makeover


This application allows one to customize her looks with infinite combinations of eye makeup, lipstick colors, hair colors, hairstyles, accessories and much more.

One has to opt a photo from her library, or take a picture from her mobile device or opt from a variety of models.

One can save her makeover directly to her device’s photo album and also make shopping lists of her favorite products or buy the complete look.

This beauty application is available for iPhone 4 and above, iPads, Android tablets, other mobile devices, and even Kindle Fire.

Download for iPhone Users.
Download for Android Users.



It is the premier on-demand beauty service application that sends professionally well trained and vetted stylists straight to one’s doorstep.

The application features infinite of tips and reviews from the blog post, beauty-and-make-up-lover community, and local deals.

One has to make a profile to posts her reviews or looks. A barcode scanner makes it easier to detect products.

The beauty application is free at Apple’s App Store as well as Andriod’s Play Store. It gives offers hair styling and makeup services that is going to leave one looking and feeling superb.

It is beauty at one’s service, without the hassle of any salon. The application allows one to book appointments in as little as an hour.

And do not worry at all about cash – one’s credit card is going to be charged automatically, such as tips. Right now it is available merely on selected US cities and hoping to expand to other cities very soon.

Download for iPhone Users.



It is a fun, colorful and powerful portrait and selfie photo editor. It gives easy-to-use, powerful tools to give a retouch and perfect look to every photo or selfie.

Thus, it makes each one looks like as she has come straight out of any high-fashion magazine. Like, one can so easily remove any blemishes, dark circles or add natural makeup.

There is even an effective and very easy-to-use teeth whitening tool. It allows one instantly share her edited photos with her friends & family via social media or e-mail.

Download for iPhone Users.
Download for Android Users.



It is a marvelous makeup application to make, share, and wear custom nail art. With this application, one can turn her photos into custom nail wraps that one can purchase custom, made-to-order some nail wrap designs to be shipped right to one’s door.

Download for iPhone Users.

Lakmé makeup pro


It is another great makeup and beauty application where the camera becomes one’s mirror. With this makeup application, one can try out almost all the latest looks, virtually.

From prepping one’s skin to applying makeup; matte and glittery shadows to lipsticks, this app lets one check how every Lakmé product looks on one.

With this app, one can also try the signature Pro-stylist glamourous looks recommended by LakméMakeup Experts.

It has very simple interface merely one has to click a picture of oneself or opt a photo from her phone’s gallery.

Then, one has to pick and do some experiment with her favorite makeup products a huge database. Once one has found or created the perfect look, save it to the gallery and share with all friends.

Download for iPhone Users.
Download for Android Users.

Facial Massage


It is the best application for real-time guidance application with animations for every movement. It has audio instructions and detailed text.

With camera mode on, it is going to map one’s face for complete 100% precision. It is going to aid one combats fine lines, restores muscle tone, stimulates skin metabolic processes, aid one in lifting and firming facial contours, and replenish one’a skin’s natural beauty.

Everyday facial massage is going to make one’s skin younger and smoother. It stimulates collagen and elastin production, enhances capillary blood circulation as well as skin oxygenation.

All puffiness and wrinkles go away, and one’s complexion becomes radiant. This application also has lots of skincare and beauty tips, which are going to motivate one to keep her face well relaxed. It is one of the must-have makeup and beauty applications.

Download for Android Users.

Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips


This application has the newest beauty looks and trends. One can learn various essential makeup tips as well as shop some amazing products on this app.

One can opt for thousands of makeup reviews, nail designs, hairstyles, beauty tips, braids, and very easy makeup tutorial videos to get inspired.

One can get access to makeup or beauty product reviews covering one’s favorite brands and also know about new product releases to know the best makeup.

This application also has detailed step-by-step tutorial videos to understand how to make the latest hairstyles and braids. One can apply makeup & see how to make nail designs that one is going to love.

It also has a daily beauty editorial stories that feature nail, hair, & makeup video tutorials, the latest beauty trends, newly released products, skin care information, beauty tips and advice of the expert, makeup reviews and much more.

Download for iPhone Users.
Download for Android Users.

Hair Color Changer


It is the ultimate hair color changer application. With this application, one can use adjustment color for dark and light hair on one’s photo.

It has more than 40 Pre-defined hair colors (various shades of blonde, red, and brown, etc.) One merely has to add Hair Color intensity, and then Hair Color brighten control.

All one has to do is to take own photo, brush hair, and then opt different hair colors. One can modify color with ‘Color Adjustment,’ which is a powerful tool for the dark and light region of hair.

Once one’s hair makeover is complete, one can share the results with friends, or even save it to one’s gallery. Good thing, men can also use it.

Download for iPhone Users.
Download for Android Users.



This application curates for one’s every day the best online beauty videos into one convenient application.

There is always some new content from the best beauty experts for one to watch and share. It has a great search tab to allow one search for any specific beauty topic.

One just has to go to the “Discover” tab to watch videos by category or select keywords to further sort such videos.

One can review all the videos that one has saved by tapping on the “Fav” tab. In this way, the “how to tips” are at one’s fingertips always.

The application also has the option to join the LifeTap Rewards. One can do some quick surveys or him, or she can watch videos about products as well brands, and then get points that one can redeem for VISA gift-cards.

One can utilize this fun money to buy any new makeup or whatever else one needs. Sadly, this awesome app is recently available merely for iOS users.

Ulta Beauty


It is over-much similar to Sephora app; one can search products, read their reviews and buy all favorite things all in one place instantly.

One can find one’s favorite makeup, skincare and haircare products. It allows one to shop by category and filter by brand, best sellers, price, and new arrivals. Checkout is very quick and easy.

One scan barcodes in-store to view any product’s info, the review is and ratings. This rewards one point balance and redemption value, expiring points info, bonus offers, history as well as Platinum status. One must out one’s account order history and order tracking regularly.

Download for iPhone Users.
Download for Android Users.



This application, which is a portable Try-It-On Studio, allows users a virtual look and try on each color their catalog on their nails.

Such studio includes an adjustable skin tone as well as nail length feature for much more accuracy. Users can even search by color name or color collection and save favorite shades for later.

This makeup applications also lets users keep up with the latest OPI news via the Facebook tab.

Download for iPhone Users.
Download for Android Users.

You Makeup – Makeup In Fotos


This is the most powerful makeup photo editor and selfie camera and beauty plus camera with lots of amazing makeup effects.

It has the advanced Smart Face Recognition System, which when adopted aids in detecting facial features faster and makes one’s makeup precisely and naturally very fit.

With lots of effects, one’s makeup and style of every day are changeable and customized. To utilize this application, one just has to tap “Camera,” smile and take a nice selfie, or opt a photo from Gallery.

One can try one’s favorite makeup from various styles of makeups available within the application, every one of them is leading fashion.

One has to tap “Makeup” to improve one’s makeup effect. One can change the color of skin, or the shape of the eyebrow, or the color of lips in seconds, or every angle is going to be one’s best angle.

Finally, one can also share her selfie or makeup looks on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and much more.

Download for Android Users.

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